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Let’s dedicate ourselves to the following:

ETHICS ARE OVERCOMING POWER… so let go of our old ways and embrace change. Recognize the need for CHANGE within our environments, ourselves and all parts of our lives and give up resistance to the change. Removing the old patterns and unwholesome things in the way of making these changes. Stepping out in FAITH. “Be the change that we want to see.”

Exhibit Unconditional LOVE for ourselves… and then all other beings as equals… including mother earth. “Love one another.”

Be in JOY and happiness… spread your joy in service to others… “do unto others, as we would have done to ourselves”… “you get what you give”.

Remain in WONDERMENT with Innocence… lose your judgments of the world and be more present in the moment… the way we operated as a child… following our INTUITION and our HEARTS… not our MIND… staying in the “NOW”. Be present in the moment… not the past and the future. “There is only NOW.”

Become FEARLESS… recognize that all of our “problems” are really just “opportunities” to grow and learn new lessons. This means that we give thanks for our recent “problems” and commit to not repeating the same action again. “It’s all good!” We GROW… we LEARN… we LIVE… we ENLIGHTEN ourselves by dropping our “heavy” old patterns and embracing a new way of being in the flow of nature. We act “natural”, not “normal”… we follow our INTUITION. And we give appreciation for ALL lessons. All crisis is really just and opportunity to grow.

Being APPRECIATIVE of our lives and our relationships… both “good” and “bad”… they all just help us to grow and teach us new lessons. Appreciation goes beyond Gratitude because it implies the desire to pay it back (or forward) with interest so that it “appreciates” like an investment.
Center of Light Radio with Keith Anthony Blanchard

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