Ways To Happiness

Through a collection of inspiring interviews, music, and visuals – tools for transformation are revealed to help us lighten up, spread joy, and let our own light shine.

These interviews are cultural treasures for all people of the world and represent a living library of wisdom on subjects ranging from scientific to metaphysical, to paranormal, to tools for a happy life, and practices to assist you in adapting to the evolutionary circumstances you find yourself in. All to assist you in arriving at more happiness, joy, and freedom in your life. You see you are not alone. These inspiring interviews are sure to shake you out of any  “gloom” you may find yourself momentarily in. We look forward to sharing with you these bright lights each month as we all move forward through the changes we are a part of.

The video is provided free for you to watch on this site. The trailer we are currently presenting is entitled Birth of the Now. The name of the project has now been changed to The Beginning is Near and Birth of The Now will now be one of the Chapters for the film. Other Chapters are on Fear and Fearlessness, Prophets of  Changes, Tools for Transformation, Know One, Inter-Connection and others.

The Beginning is Near creator, Brian David Hardin, has literally 100s of interviews he is going through now, editing and preparing them for the web. Come back each week to see what’s new if you like or subscribe to this site and you will get an email letting you know.

The KnewWays way
We are creating a new distribution model that involves “paying it forward”. Each interview when posted will have a donation button to that specific interviewee or their projects. If you feel you really got something out of the video, you can “pay it forward” and make a donation of any size to them, to KnewWays, or even pay it forward to a stranger and let us know about it by commenting below. That would be cool.

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