Robert Muller—story of when he was in a Nazi jail

Robert Muller tells the story of when he was put in a Nazi prison during WWII and how he found a way to generate a feeling of happiness or well being by writing a story on the prison walls. What it means to be able to create a “feeling of happiness”. We are about as happy as we make our minds up to be. Decide to be happy. More about Dr. Robert Muller here:

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ABOUT Robert Muller

Former Assistant Secretary General to The United Nations

Author:  Most Of All They Taught Me Happiness

Robert Muller (born 1923 in Belgium) was an employee of the United Nations. Assistant Secretary General for 40 years. Coming from a place more concerned with gross National Happiness than gross national product. His ideas about world government, world peace and spirituality led to him become known as the “Philosopher” of the UN.

“Happiness is an art.  It must be practiced.  It is like writing: write anything, just for the exercise of it, and you will become a writer.  Practice any form of happiness, just for the sake of it, and you will become a happy person.”

—Robert Muller

He would often close sessions of the UN by playing Ode To Joy on his harmonica. Ode to Joy describes a world where all people will be brothers and sisters.

Hear him play Ode To Joy on the Harmonica. Go to: and Click Robert’s Harmonica, scroll down to the bottom where it says Ode to Joy and click.


FROM Robert Muller

Let the good news be
incarnated in you
Proclaim your belief
In humanity
In our success
In our further transcendence
In our peace, justice
and happiness
In the construction of the
Planet of God
Think of it
Feel for it
Speak of it
Work for it
For all we think, all we feel,
all we say and all we do
Must not hinder, but help
The great design of God
Our Cosmic destiny
Our further ascent and evolution
Towards the permanent reign of
God on our miraculous planet.”
—Dr. Robert Muller
Robert Muller 1923-September 20, 2010——————

Idea Dreams for a Better World
Robert Muller’s Ideas: http://www.goodmorning-world.blogspot……


Also interviewed is Father Charles Moore.

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