Eagle and Condor Water and Fire Runs

Running is a prayer. Water is life.


It is said that Montezuma’s treasure would reveal itself in 500 years.
This real treasure is the uncovering of the true rich culture and
wisdom of the Native American Indians.

It is a prayer that we all remember our connection with Mother Earth.

In March of 2006, the Hopi Indians of North America gathered water
from all around the world and ran 1,800 miles to be part of a long
awaited spring equinox ceremony at Teotihuacan. They were welcomed by
an intercontinental gathering of tribes where they performed the Eagle
Dance in front of the Sun Pyramid for the first time in 500 years.
They brought the message that Water is Life and our water should
not be privatized to the World Water Forum in Mexico City.

They exchanged the water they brought with other indigenous tribes and
it was carried to Peru and Bolivia for the legendary Mayan staff
return at Tiwanaku, with Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj (Wandering
Wolf), a thirteenth Generation Quiche Mayan High Priest. The water
was returned to Mexico City where the Mexicas had a fire ceremony with
a Mayan elder and prepared the four elements (water, fire, air and
earth) for a return trip to Hopi. The Mexicas ran 1,800 miles from
Mexico to Hopi with the water, the feminine activating fire, air and
earth. The Hopi met the Mexica runners at the US border and ran with
them through other sacred lands, they not only brought the 4 elements
but also brought the much need rain through Zuni, Navajo and Hopi

For the first time, ever the Hopi allowed for an outside group to
dance and conduct ceremony in their sacred second mesa courtyard and
allowed it to be recorded. This was a gift. They also were gifted a
visit to Prophecy Rock with Hopi elder Martin Gashweseoma where they
exchanged similarities and spoke of things to come.

There is part of the ongoing fulfillment of the prophecy of the
connection of both the North and South American Indian tribes.
This prophecy explains that when the power of the Eagle of the North
connects in balance with the spiritual Earth centered Condor of the
South, our Earth will then come into balance. It is a process of
Coming Together, Coming Back To Center, Unity for All, One Heart. It
is all directions returning to a peaceful, loving HEART CENTERED way
of being.

These gatherings continue, and you are invited to join the Return Of
The Ancestors gathering in Northern Arizona from April 18-28, 2009.
The intention is to unite and share the invited wisdom keepers
visions and prophecized ceremonies for peace and harmony for Mother
Earth and all humanity.


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